Strategies and Tools for Formative Assessment
Today's Relevance Objective:
What are they thinking (and do I really want to know)?

Additonal Resources:

Technique Modeled

What is Formative Assessment?
Pair Share--students "turn and talk" with their neighbor, then work together to compose a single sentence statement to answer a prompt.
"think-pair-share"; "think-write-pair-share"

How many times do you use this in the course of one class period?
Responders --using, students can use their cell phones or a website to respond to quick classroom polls. Although this method does not allow you to see individual responses, it can help you gauge a class as a whole. Responders assigned to individual users can give you more specific, individualized feedback.

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

Turningpoint, ActiveExpressions, Ipods

Formative vs. Summative literacy based activity #1
Closed Word Sort- students are given a group of words cut individually into strips or on a whiteboard, then asked to sort them according to a given topic. This can be done individually, with a partner or in small groups. Students are then asked to explain their choices to the class.
Have some students work on a whiteboard to do this in front of the room.

Content specific literacy based activity #2
3X3 Open Word Sort- students arrange words from a given list in a 3 x 3 table, then are asked to write sentences using three words down, across, etc. In an "open" word sort, students are not given specific categories for arranging or organizing the words.
Whiteboard, Stixy, Voicethread, Discussion board post, Google Doc, etc.

Content specific literacy based activity #3
Dump and Clump Open Word Sort--Small groups brainstorm on a list of words associated with a given topic (dump) then group the words into categories and give each category a heading (clump).
Whiteboard, Voicethread, discussion board, google doc, etc.

Content specific literacy based activity #4
Frayer Model- Students

How might you apply one of these strategies or tools to your specific content and classroom?
Exit Ticket--During the final minutes of class, students are asked to respond to a question or to make a statement about what they learned.
Wiki-discussion post, Linoit, Google form, 3-2-1 Exit Slips.

Tech Tools For Formative Assessment

Voicethread--an online tool that will allow students to respond to images, video and text in a collaborative, multimedia discussion.

Crocodocs/Classroom Salon:These tools are great for checking and enhancing content literacy. They allow you to upoad any text and have students highlight and make comments on the text.

Linoit and Stixy-both of these tools allow you to create instant online "post-it" boards where students can post their thoughts to a discussion prompt, picture, video or any document.

Google Docs- Allows for real-time collaborative editing on word documents, powerpoints and spreadsheets. Allows the teacher to make comments.

Google Forms- create online surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes and easily manage results.

Titan Pad-This is a collaborative writing tool that allows up to five users to work together on a single document. The work is viewable by web access which gives the teacher the ability to "peek" in on the process.

Quizlet-Create flash cards and interactive quizzes for students. They could take a screenshot of their results and print it out, or mail it to you.

Blogs--students create a personal online journal/log to reflect on class activities, assigned readings, current events and other relevance connections.

Wiki Discussion Boards-These provide a great window into individual thinking and can be used to host a class discussion, comment on group work, ask homework questions, etc.