Math Apps

115-in-1 Math Solver: Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, & Trig Calculator: ($1.99)
"With this app you get 115 math solvers (actual calculator, not just formulas) in all mathematics areas."
This can be used as a great way for students to review concepts.

touchcalc.pngTouch Calc:

"Touch calc is a comfortable calculator program that offers several different modes."
These modes include Scientific, Bit/Integer, and Statistics.



"Quick graph is a powerful, high quality, graphic calculator that takes full advanatge of the multitouch display and the powerful graphics of the iPod Touch in both 2D and 3D."

Science Apps

3Dcell.png3D Cell:
"Learn about the cell and all its structures using our new 3D Cell iPhone application tool. Enjoy the ability to rotate the cell 360 degrees and zoom in on any cell structure. Visit the cell structure screen and learn more about how each structure functions."
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Atom_in_a_box.pngAtom in a Box:
"'Atom in a Box' is an aid for visualizing the atomic orbitals of a hydrogen atom and the three-dimensional states that the electron occupies in hydrogen according to quantum mechanics. It interactively shows what the hydrogen atom 'looks like.'"
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"Buffers is a scientific tool for designing buffer solutions for pH control. Buffers is useful both as a handy reference of available buffering agents and as an accurate, portable buffer calculator for chemical, biochemical and biological research."

"chemCal is a basic chemistry concentration (molarity, moles per liter) and dilutions calculator for students of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and biomedical sciences."
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Data_Analysis.pngData Analysis:
"DataAnalysis is a general purpose iPad App for the plotting and analysis of all types of data that can be formulated as x,y pairs. The program can be used easily by both students and professionals. It is particularly useful for quick analysis of various types of data by curve fitting, analysis of data via a standard curve, and analysis of various types of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics."
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Genetic_Code.pngGenetic Code:
"GeneticCode is a handy reference tool for students and researches. The application visualizes standard genetic code as well as provides information about 20 amino acids and their abbreviations."
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"The iMoleBuilder is an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 3D. Users can easily analyze a molecular structure by rotating, moving, and zooming in."
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"The iMoleDraw is an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 2D. Users can easily draw a molecular structure with iMoleDraw."
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"The Laboratory Calculator is an utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of stock solutions."
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NASA.pngNASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator:
"You don’t need a driver’s license, but you still need to buckle up as the LER Simulator gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to support the activities of a functioning Lunar Outpost. Get busy. You never know if your skills here will become a major part of the NASA Astronaut application process in the future."
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"This app provides about 100 physics equations in a format to help you learn them. You have to click and drag the pieces of the equation together."
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