Click on one of the three links below that best describes you (or browse all four) and spend the rest of the time working on a lesson that integrates a 21st learning tool or strategy as discussed in this workshop.
If you're not quite sure where to start, you might spend some time browsing the links in the Powerpoint or on the resources page, or you can check out these places to help you better understand these 21st Century Teaching Tools. Once you find one thing that hits you, run with it and begin planning a lesson or a project for one of your classes.

If something you've seen has resonated with you and you already have a tool in mind, you will find resources here to get you rolling.

I've been doing this stuff for many years and I still find new ideas from these sites. Find something new and integrate it into your planning (Warning! Not for the timid...High overwhelm potential!)

This page lists the FIVE things that I have found to be most beneficial to teachers I have worked with.