Interviews of Insight

  • Interview a person that has experienced a historical event, trauma, or an adversity.
  • Each member of the group will be responsible for...
    • Attending the interview.
    • Writing a personal essay, expository essay, or a biography (whichever they are assigned)
    • Finding a way to combine what they have written into one cohesive audio recording.
    • Record using the IPod Touch.
    • Edit using Audacity if necessary
  • Submit you project by uploading your finished project to the class wiki.

How to record an interview on the IPod Touch

  • Go to utilities and select "Voice Memo"
  • Press the record button that has a red circle in it then begin speaking.
    • Do not worry if there are mistakes in the recording. If you made a mistake, pause and start again. This will be able to be edited out later.
  • Once you have finished recording, press the stop button that has a black square in it.
  • Your recording will then appear to the list. If you do not see it automatically, press the list button that has three black horizontal bars in it.

How to transfer your recording to a computer

  • Go to "Safari" and log on to the internet.
  • Go back to "Voice Memos" and view the list of recordings.
  • Selent the recording that you would like to send.
  • Click Share then Email.
  • Type in a personal email address that you will be able to view at school and then press Send.
  • After a few moments, the recording should appear in your inbox from HTSD IPod.

How to convert the file (you must do this in order to edit it)

  • On the computer, log in to your email and open the email from HTSD IPod.
  • Click Download then a pop up screen will appear. Choose Select the program from a List then pick ITunes.
  • The clip will automatically open in ITunes. Right click the file and then select Create MP3 Version.
    • If it says Create AAC, go to edit, then preferences. Select import settings and change it to MP3 Encoder. Then press OK.

How to edit the file in Audacity

  • Go to your programs and open Audacity.
  • Click File then Open. Select My Music, ITunes, ITunes Music, Unknown Artists, then Unknown Album. Your audio file will be in that folder. Double click it to open it.
  • Once your file is open, you must cut it into sections that are 2 minutes long or less.
    • If the clips are longer than that, you will not be able to upload it to the wiki!
  • Cut the end of the file off, then click File and New and paste it into a new item.
  • For each item, go to File then select Export as WAV....
  • Save each as part under as "ProjectTitle_PartNumber" in a folder that you can easily find.

How to post your finished project on the Wiki

  • Add the project by selecting Edit, then Files. You can add each file one by one.
  • Make sure that you post your group members names and the parts in order.

´╗┐Sample Project

Leukemia and Loss