Strategy: Flipped Learning
Application: Content Delivery, Formative Assessment, Student Centered Lessons
Content Area: Any


Flipped learning "flips" the idea of content delivery from the classroom to providing lecture/content at home via videos or other web-based resources and doing "homework" in class, with teacher guidance. The concept places more emphasis on engaging, student driven classroom lessons, and less on teacher as content filter and provider.
One of the forefathers of the concept and founder of the Flipped Learning Network, Aaron Sams explains the idea in the video below.

Notes From The Field

For some reason, "flipping" often encompasses grand ideas of re-vamping an entire unit or even an entire curriculum. I have come to know it as a useful lesson design strategy that can be used occasionally or frequently as a tool to free up class time for more rigorous activities by putting learning into individual student hands. As Sams points out in the video above, most English teachers already do this when they assign reading for homework and have a student centered discussion in class the next day. Please see the Tools and Other Resources link below for tools, ideas, resources and sample lessons.
  • Tips and Recommendations
    • Think of it as pre-loading your students for a student driven classroom lesson
    • Start small---try a lesson, tweak it and try again
    • Students need to get used to being held accountable…this may take some conditioning!
    • Utilize digital tools (like Google Forms) for formative assessment of a flipped lesson. Have a plan to differentiate class activities on at least three levels:
      • Students who get it
      • Students who didn't get it
      • Students who didn't DO it
    • Flipping does not mean YOU have to create a lot of videos! Take advantage of digital media already available. Check out the multimedia resource page.
    • If you do want to create your own content videos, the easiest way is to use the RECORD SLIDESHOW option in Powerpoint to create a narrated slideshow.


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