Mac Tool Sign Out Calendar

Note: You need to have sharing "permission" to use this calendar. Email if you have never reserved before.

Please utilize this calendar to sign out the high school mobile labs. Please also follow the color coding when making your reservation to make things easier to track. Directions for how to create a reservation are at the bottom of this page.

Please title your reservation as follows:

  • Type of tech and cart #-Period -Last Name (example: iPad Cart #3-periods 4,5,6 - Halter)
And use the following color code.
  • Mac Air Lab (BLUE)
  • iPad Cart 1 (GOLD): Shakespeare in Bits App, IMovie
  • iPad Cart 2 (LAVENDER)
  • iPad Cart 3 (LIGHT BLUE)
  • iPod Cart (GREEN)

To edit this calendar, click on the + sign at the bottom right where it says Google Calendar. If you cannot create an event, please email Andrew Halter at

Directions for how to use this calendar:

Printable Directions