Coaching A Culture of Learning

Presented by:Andrew Halter, Instructional Coach ( Finch, Principal (
Hampton Township School District

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Hampton High School has built an effective culture of learning in the past few years, utilizing a framework based on William Daggett's Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. Our model establishes a system of transparency, accountability, and momentum driven by instructional coaching and teacher assessment portfolios. These pages are intended to provide resources, examples and an overview of our system. A recent article from ISTE's Leading and Learning provides a narrative overview of our approach and can be found here.

Our model has evolved over several years of research, implementation, and refinement to create a culture that is infused with meaningful goals and a primary focus on improving instruction through rigor and relevance in student performances. Through this focus, our building has Screen_shot_2012-02-11_at_5.33.46_PM.pngestablished a positive, self-propelling momentum driven by the following elements:
  • instructional coaching
  • a consistent focus on assessment
  • technology infusion
  • best practice sharing
  • a fluid curriculum process

These pages provide information and resources for implementing this model and specific examples of its success.