This page will be updated periodically to showcase the most current and popular strategies being utilized by HHS teachers.

Kahoot - Turn any web device into a student responder with this quick and easy online game tool.

PechaKucha - Originally designed as a way for architects to pitch ideas, Pecha Kucha is a presentation method where presenters show 20 images timed at 20 seconds each, and provide supporting information verbally. It is a great cure for DEATH by POWERPOINT!

Flipped Learning - This resource includes tools for creating multi-media rich flipped lessons as well as sample flipped lessons in English, math, science and social studies

Nearpod - Create engaging interactive presentations and lessons and homework assignments with the help of this web tool and app.

Google Presentations - If your students do powerpoint presentations…step up their transparency and collaboration and have them do it in Google. You can see work in progress and students can work with a partner or as part of a team to design a presentation TOGETHER.

Digital Literature Circles - traditional discussion enhanced by technology, this process utilizes Google Apps, Ipads, Wikis and other web-based tools to prep students and enhance face to face discussions of text in any subject area.

Socratic Discussions - not just for English class anymore, Socratic based activities are found in almost all subject areas. This resource will help you succeed.

Google Classroom- This new addition to Google Apps for Education makes distributing, collecting and and organizing student documents easier than ever and completely digital.