What is Chimborazo?

Poet, performance artist, story teller Rives explains his idea in this TedTalk.


Instructions For Getting Started:

  • Open a new tab in your browser (FILE>>NEW TAB) and login to your Google Account
  • Group Member A ONLY-- please open THIS DOCUMENT and follow instructions below
    • Once it opens in Google Docs, click on FILE>>>MAKE A COPY
    • Click the title in the upper left corner and RENAME the doc with you and your partner's names
    • Click on the blue SHARE button in the upper right of the doc
    • Under ADD PEOPLE, enter your partner's email and mine
    • Click green SAVE AND SHARE button
  • Group Member B -Open the document that now appears in your Google Drive. You are now working on this document simultaneously.
  • Say "hey" to your partner and start your Chimborazo! Instructions are on the document.

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