Digital Word Walls

While maybe not as visual as a live classroom word wall, online word walls could be useful when students are writing on a computer or reviewing vocabulary at home. This example utilizes a Frayer Model Google Doc. Students might define vocabulary using a variety of methods...videos, song lyrics, poems, sentences, etc. Anything that can be placed on a wiki! Just highlight and link each word to a new wiki page and have students create something that can be put on the page.
The blank template for this Frayer Model can be found here. Students access this, make it their own, complete it and post it on the wiki page linked to each word below. The first one is completed.
  • adjourn
  • alien
  • comely
  • compensate
  • dissolute
  • erratic
  • expulsion
  • feint
  • fodder
  • fortify
  • illegible
  • jeer
  • lucrative
  • mediocre
  • proliferate
  • subjugate
  • sully
  • tantalize
  • terse
  • unflinching

You could also embed flashcards or review games using Quizlet (warning: Many pre-made sets are already available, but make sure you PREVIEW before referring students!)