HTSD Technology Tools and StrategiesPresented by: Andrew Halter and Erin Prosser

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Presentation Overview:

Why Technology?
  • 21st Century Learning Philosophy
  • Engage, differentiate, motivate
  • increase rigor/relevance
  • What other teachers are doing

Where can I find resources?
  • Web resources (HTSD Staff login area, my wiki resources)
  • Multimedia resources (SNAP, Discovery, etc.)
  • Smartboard resources (Smartexchange and others linked on wiki)
  • Software resources (brief overview of what is on their computers)
  • Human resources (medial specialists/coach/interns--where to go for additional help)
How do I Build a Classroom Website?
  • Why should I have one?
  • What should I put on it?
  • How do I create one?
    • Finalsite
    • Wikis
    • Other
Web 2.0 Tools:
  • What are They and Why Use Them?
  • Most used tools:
    • Blogs --
      • www.
    • Glogster
    • Elementary SmartBoard Resources for Web 2.0
Why Digital Storytelling and What is Available?
  • Animoto
  • Photostory
  • Other Web 2.0 tools
  • Cameras and Editing Software
    • Flip Cameras (where are they located)
    • Other Cameras
    • Ipods
    • Software
  • FIZZ-using Discovery and other media
  • Making Paper Slide Videos using the FLIP camera

The Interactive Classroom
  • Smartboards/Promethean Boards
  • Personal Response Devices
  • Other devices (Ipods, Ipads, Airliners, etc.)