Elementary Web Resources

My Top Ten Picks:

  1. Wikispaces - setting up a class wiki will allow you to create a dynamic classroom website to communicate and network with parents, and provide enrichment, differentiated games and activities and resources for your students to learn anytime anywhere.
  2. Discovery Education
  3. Allegheny SNAP --Formerly OSCAR, this is a great portal to the many resources provided through the AIU.
  4. Smart Exchange --The best collection of SMARTboard resources and sample lessons on the web.
  5. Thinkfinity This resource from the Verizon Foundation, is a collection of thousands of lesson plans, games, interactives and websites that are search-able by content, grade level and state standard.
  6. Quia create your own interactive games, quizzes and web-based lessons or search their database.
  7. Quizlet --create interactive flashcards, games and quizzes or search their growing database of pre-made sets. This is great on an ipad or ipod.
  8. KidBlog --designed for elementary students, this is a quick and easy way to get your students blogging.
  9. GlogsterEDU -- set up a private online class and you and your students can create, share and comment on multimedia digital posters
  10. Video Resources -- a collection of the best multimedia resources on the web

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